Finance and Support for Personal Injury Attorneys

Medical case-management & finance

If you are a personal injury attorney working on a contingency basis, Vrde can help simplify and grow your practice. Through coordinating treatment within our network of top medical providers, we can ensure that not only is the most appropriate care given to your clients, but that the case management and administration is done to the highest standards.

As a network coordinator, Vrde works with a select group of quality service providers. In a case where a range of treatments may be required, we can streamline the process for your team.


You simply select a medical provider from our network


We review the case details and approve funding


Patient receives treatment


We finance the treatment and provide the bills and records to your team

Working with reputable practitioners who understand how to manage a case can be key to everyone winning. 

By using providers within Vrde’s network you will only be working with medical professionals who know how to build and manage cases properly. No headaches or surprises. 

Not only will we help manage cases for you and your team, but we can also provide fast and reliable funding to relieve the financial burden. 

Want to learn how we can help you? Get in touch and see how you can benefit from working within our network.